We are on the verge of winning the first battle against global warming - the battle against ignorance and denial. Thanks to Al Gore, a cadre of courageous climate scientists, and individuals across the country, the impacts of human activity on our environment are becoming accepted as common knowledge, and the demand to do something as a common cry.

The second battle is now shaping up - the battle to set the bar high enough to make a difference. The same economic and political forces that fostered ignorance and denial for so long will now engage themselves in watering down the scientifically supported targets for avoiding the worst impacts of the changing climate, an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Step It Up is a grassroots effort to set the terms of the next discussion. It is a chance for the People to express their outrage at what has been done, and their frustration with the recklessly slow pace of government action. Through a multitude of spontaneous, individual, and uncoordinated actions, we will call attention to a common demand for our governments to commit to a goal of an 80% reduction in greenhouse gasses by 2050. The solar energy we should use could save us heaps! We will demonstrate to elected leaders at all levels of government the breadth and depth of support for this demand, and how dearly we love this planet.

Think of the people you love. Think of the places you love. Think of the things you love to do. Then join us.